Laajalahti youth club will meet again on thursday 6.6.

The youth club organized by Laajalahti ry meets every other Thursday in the premises of the library's ground floor. The club's leaders are Valo and Mohammed.

Welcome !

Tapiola district residents’ evening: Let’s talk about planning! 30.5.24 in Tapiola

Laajalahti belongs to Tapiola district.

The event will be held in Finnish, but you can ask questions and share your comments in English or Swedish.

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Getting to know Espoo Master Plan 2060

A master plan set for 2060 is being prepared for Espoo. All Espoo residents can
review the draft plan and comment on it in the period from 3 June to 3
September. At this stage of the planning process, many things remain undecided,
which means that this is your opportunity to have your say!

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Nature house Villa Elfvik in Laajalahti

The Nature House Villa Elfvik is an Art Nouveau villa built in 1904 where you learn about Espoo’s diverse nature and get tips on a sustainable lifestyle. The Nature House is located in the middle of nature reserves and offers free admission. On weekends by opening hours, there is also a café in the house. Learn more:

How to check which services are running using the Journey Planner

You can search for public transport services near you using the Nearby stops and routes feature of the Journey Planner at The view shows services near your location or a location you choose. Vehicles currently running move on the map.

Address: Ahertajantie 2, 02100 Espoo

Phone +358 9 4763 6400

Multicultural women's discussion group يوم سعيد

An open discussion and action group for Arabic-speaking women

مجموعة المناقشة والعمل النسائية متعددة الثقافات meets first time on Tuesday 16.4. at 17-18.30 in the Laajalahti clubhouse,Kirvuntie 18C
The group meets six consecutive Tuesday evenings. In addition to coffee, conversation and togetherness, the program includes baking, exercise, crafts and music.

نادي لايالاهتي

مجموعة عمل ونقاش مفتوح للنساء الناطقات باللغة العربية

تجتمع المجموعة ستة أمسيات ثلاثاء متتالية. بالإضافة إلى القهوة والمحادثة والعمل الجماعي، يتضمن البرنامج صنع المعجنات والتمارين الرياضية والحرف اليدوية والموسيقى. يشرف على المجموعة اثنان من الطلاب من جامعة دياكونيا للعلوم التطبيقية في هلسنكي، بالإضافة إلى العاملين في مجال دياكونيا التعددية الثقافية آنا هاندرومن تابيولا وهيلي تاينا رانتاكاوليو من أبرشية ليبافارا.

نأمل منكم التسجيل في المجموعة عن طريق أحد الموظفين. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى مساعدة في رعاية طفل صغير، فأخبرنا بذلك مسبقًا وسنحاول ترتيب ذلك في مساحة النادي. عدد محدود من الأماكن. مرحبا

More info: Iloa arkeen

City bikes are available from April to October

A new bike every day – now it is possible again! You can hop on a city bike from the first day of April. The maximum ride time has been doubled, and you can buy your season pass now.

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Do you need help studying Finnish

Do you need help studying Finnish or finding a suitable language course the Espoo Adult Education Centre? Language house and study counselling for Finnish language will help you.
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Laajalahti library

Our cozy local library

Find information about our opening hours, services and events from this page:

Welcome to the library!

Do you use the self-service library? You must now register as a user

Only registered users will have access to the Helmet self-service libraries as of 1 November 2023, when the new self-service library rules enter into force. You can register at any Helmet library.

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Laajalahti Winter Swimming Area

The winter swimming spot is located in the Laajalahti marina area next to the Laajalahti Nature Reserve.

The platform has a windshield, inside which there are thermal stairs and a thermal plate. A pump is installed in the opening, which creates a flow on the surface and keeps the opening open. The winter swimming area has no sauna or showers.The swimming area has a small, heated changing room.

The winter swimming club Laajalahti Winter Swimmers is responsible for its use.The changing room key is subject to a fee and can be requested from the Winter Swimming Club contact person: swimming season is from November to April.

Address: Ruukinrannantie 29,02600 Espoo


Laajalahti Autumn Bulletin 2023

Laajalahti ry has published Autumn Bulletin 2023 providing a lot of useful local information. It may be downloaded from here.